D.R.M. First Grade College of Science. 1958
D.R.M. Science Pre-University College 1958
J.J.M. Medical College. 1965
A.V.K. First Grade College for Women. 1966
A.V.K. Pre-University College for Women. 1966
J.J. M. Medical College Hostel for Boys.. 1966
Smt. Rathnamma Hostel for Women. 1967
R. L. Law College. 1968
B.E.A.'s School of Nursing. 1970
Bapuji Hospital. 1970
A.R.G. First Grade College of Arts & Commerce. 1973
A.R.G. Pre-University College of Arts & Commerce. 1973
Bapuji Central Primary School. 1975
B.E.A. School of Pharmacy. 1977
Bapuji Dental College & Hospital. 1979
Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology. 1979
B.E.A. College of Education. 1980
Bapuji Hostel for Women 1982
M.S.B. Arts & Commerce College. 1983
Bapuji Polytechnic. 1984
B.I.E.T. Hostel for Boys. 1984
Bapuji High School 1985
Bapuji Dental College Boys Hostel. 1988
Bapuji School of Nursing Hostel for Women. 1989
Kaveri-Hostel for Women. 1989
Ganga-Bapuji College of Nursing Hostel for Women. 1991
College of Dental Science 1991
Bapuji College of Nursing 1991
Bapuji Pharmacy College 1992
Smt. Halamma Shamanur Shivappa Nursery, Primary, Middle & High School, Harihar. 1994
Bapuji Child Health & Research Centre. 1994
“Sharavathi” J.J.M. Medical College Ladies Hostel. 1994
Bapuji Auditorium. 1994
Bapuji High School, P. J. Extension. 1995
S.P.S.S. Residential School (C.B.S.E.), Tholahunse. 1995
“Hemavathi” Ladies Hostel. 1995
BIET - M.B.A. Programme. 1996
Bapuji Girls High School. 1997
“Netravathi” Ladies Hostel. 1997
“Vedavathi” Ladies Hostel. 1997
Bapuji High School, Kunibelakere. 1999
Bapuji Guest House. 1999
Bapuji Institute of Hi-Tech Education. 2000
Smt. Parvathamma Shamanur Shivashankarappa Jr. College, Tolahunse. 2002
Smt. Parvathamma Shamanur Shivashankarappa P.U. Science College. 2002
S.S. Institute of Nursing Sciences. 2003
Sri Shamanur Shivashankarappa General Hospital. 2003
B.E.A.'s S.T.J. Rural Hospital, Channagiri. 2003
S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Hospital. 2004
BEA's Placement & Consultancy Centre, Bangalore. 2004
Bapuji Institute of Teachers Training. 2004
Bapuji BPEd College 2005
Bapuji School of Nursing Hostel for Women 2005
S.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research College. 2006
Bapuji Academy of Management and Research 2008
S.S.D.J. Women’s Hostel 2008
Bapuji International Hostel for Women 2008
Bapuji International Hostel for Men 2008
Bapuji Executive Hostel for Women 2012
Bapuji Executive Hostel for Men 2012

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